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Saskatoon Zone 3 Lasers Softball Board of Directors Code of Conduct



All members of the Saskatoon Zone 3 Lasers Softball Board of Directors (the “Board”) acknowledge and accept the scope and extent of their duties as directors. Members of the Board agree to serve and carry out their duties with honesty, respect, integrity and openness with a view to the best interests of the Association and all Lasers families.  Members are expected to comply with, support and promote the guiding principles set out in this Code. 


The guiding principles are consistent with the Saskatoon Lasers mission, values, and Bylaws. It is expected that all Saskatoon Lasers Board members support and promote the following principles by leadership and example:




Board members shall respect diversity of opinion, ideas and debate by:


  • Recognizing the equal right of all members of the Association, the public and Board members to be heard and respected and interacting with one another in a professional and courteous manner.


  • Valuing and encouraging awareness of the diverse expertise, experience and knowledge that exists among Board members and the benefit of such to constructive debate, the democratic process and effective decision making.


  • Promoting collaborative behaviour characterized by mutual respect and efficient use of time.


  • Encouraging an environment of open discussion and consideration of all opinions on matters to be decided by the Board and leaving personal prejudices outside of all Board and Committee discussions.


  • Avoiding personal issues/matters or group criticism of fellow members both at and away from meetings.


  • Focusing on and providing the best softball program possible for all Lasers families.




Board members will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest. Board members will place the interests of the Association before their personal interests and immediately declare conflicts of interest which arise.

Board members shall not place themselves under any obligation to outside individuals or organizations that might influence them in the performance of their official duties with the Board.


Board members will demonstrate behaviour conducive to being role models to the youth and families in our sport and at all Lasers events and Board and Committee meetings.




Board members shall be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take, including:


  • identifying, disclosing and acting appropriately on conflicts of interest; and
  • being transparent in providing all reasons and supporting rational for decisions made by the Board.


Board members will hold themselves and each other accountable for acting in accordance with this Code of Conduct.




Board members will maintain confidentiality of all business discussed at Board and Committee meetings until there is agreement to publish/release the results of such discussions.


Board members shall not use confidential information obtained in their capacity as a member of the Board to further their personal or private interests or the private interests of friends or relatives.


Process for Holding Board Members Accountable to Comply with the Code


It is the responsibility of each Board member to behave in accordance with this Code of Conduct. In addition, Board members have a responsibility to hold each other accountable for behaving in accordance with this Code.


If a Board member has concerns that the behaviour of another member did not reflect the Code of Conduct, the member is expected to discuss their concern with the Board member whose conduct was perceived to be inappropriate or discuss the concern with the Commissioner.  Where the concerned member approaches the member whose behaviour is perceived to be inappropriate and the member who is the subject of the concern does not recognize the problem and does not take appropriate action or the behaviour continues, the concerned member shall then discuss the concern with the Commissioner. 


All concerns raised shall be investigated by the Commissioner and all members of the Board are expected to cooperate in any such investigations.  If the inappropriate behaviour is confirmed and continues after a meeting with the Commissioner, the issue shall be brought before the full Board. The member who is the subject of the concern shall have an opportunity to address the Board.  Following proper presentation and discussion of the issue, the Board shall vote, in accordance with existing voting rules, on any discipline to be imposed on the member whose behaviour is being addressed.




As a member of the Board, I agree to respect, support and encourage all members of the Board to do the best job possible in our individual tasks and collectively as the Board of Directors.





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