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A-Team Policy


Player Eligibility for an A Team

To be eligible for the A team at any age level (U13, U15, U17):

1.           the player must attend zone try outs; and

2.           parents must have indicated YES on the commitment letter.


All players attending evaluations will be ranked on individual skills.  An all-around ranking based on the evaluation of individual skills will be generated.

Pitching and catching evaluations will be conducted separately and those rankings WILL NOT form a part of the player’s all-around ranking.

A Team Rosters

The A teams at all age levels CAN be made up from the top 18 ranked girls from the tryouts.

Pitchers and catchers MUST finish in the top 18 to be eligible to be selected on an A team.

The head coach will be given a list of the top 18 ranked girls with their marks to make their team.  The lists of pitcher and catcher evaluations for the appropriate age group will be provided separately.


The top 8 ranked girls MUST be offered a spot on the team, provided they have signed the commitment letter to play A ball.

U15 & U17:

The top 6 ranked girls MUST be offered a spot on the team, provided they have signed the commitment letter to play A ball.

After the top ranked players are offered a spot, the head coach, in their sole discretion, can fill the remainder of the team with any player originally ranked in the top 18.  For example, a U13 team requiring a pitcher may bypass players ranked 9 through 15 and choose the 16th ranked player because that player is a pitcher.  For example, U15 and U17 players not demonstrating the appropriate commitment level in previous years may be bypassed should they rank outside of the top 6 but within the top 18.   


Notwithstanding anything in this Policy, if, for legitimate reasons, a player cannot participate in tryouts at their scheduled date and time, a make up date may be offered at an added cost. Players not able to try out at all, for legitimate reasons, may request that their individual circumstances be considered by the Laser’s Executive.  The absence from tryouts for legitimate reasons, including medical reasons will not necessarily preclude a player from being placed on an A team.  For example, the evaluation marks and level of play from the immediately preceding year may be used to gauge the player’s eligibility to play on an A team.  The player’s placement will, however, be at the sole discretion of the Laser’s Executive in the event of a missed tryout.


Unbiased third-party evaluators will be used for all tryout evaluations.  222’s Fastpitch are running tryouts for the Laser’s Zone.  Evaluation rankings will be generated by the 222’s group based on their years of softball knowledge and expertise in both coaching and playing at Team Canada levels.


Please direct any questions to Ryan Corrin, Lasers JR. Coordinator at

Age groups updated Sept 1, 2021