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Coach Selection Policy


1. Selection Committee
The selection committee will consist of the Junior League
Coordinator and 2-4 other executive members. The Jr.
Coordinator will ask for volunteers at the January executive

2. Coaching Criteria - the potential coach must have
-Respect in Sport (All levels)
-Competition introduction (A)
-Community Sport (B)
-Criminal background check
-Results from the parents survey (the results can be a factor)
-Overall good standing with the zone
-Related Player rankings

3. For “A” level Coaches, refer to the “A” team policy. Coaching an
“A” team does not guarantee your child a spot on the “A” team.

4. In situations where the applicant is a non-parent, they will be
vetted and the decision will be at the discretion of the selection committee.

5. Head coaches can select the assistant coaches with the approval
of the Jr. Coordinator.

6. Only Head Coach applicants will be able to watch tryouts. This
will be at the discretion of the zone executive. However, they will
not be privy to evaluation numbers or names of players.

7. The Coordinator will chair the committee and if needed, will be
the final and deciding vote.