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August 18 2022


Present- Jodi, Lorna, Cam, Brad, Travis, Michael, Jennifer, Ryan C, Ryan K, Steve, Carrie


Call to order 19:59

Motion to adopt Last months minutes- Ryan Krebs, 2nd Michael

Old business -

Finances – Year end is September. All up to date for AGM.

Jeff, Steve and Jodi will make a budget looking into the 2023 season. f

Jodi provided budget sheets. We got the 2500$ from the city of Saskatoon. We aloso then got a surprise second grant from the city of Saskatoon for an additional $2500, to use for tryouts.  

We have about $90,000 in the general account. Final year end numbers will be available at the AGM.

Motion to adopt financials as presented by Jodi - Ryan C, 2nd Cam


Rick put out a general view of what he’s ordered for up coming season. Costs will be around 12-13K. Could require more depending on teams.

Rick has put the order in to get it, supply issues are still persisting.

Timbits - There may be a U5 next year, has not been decided on SMSL level yet. ||They are talking about this, with lots of interest.

Do we start having U11 tryouts? Other cities tiered the U11 age group. If Saskatoon chooses to tier U11, we will need to run a tryout for this age.

If tryouts happen, we will look at different options on how to do this going forward, nothing to decide at this time.

SMSL- Vanessa said she was going to leave, she decided to put herself back for another 2 year term.

Other -

Fall league up and running, teams have been made. Ryan C is in charge of U13’s.

U13 -6 teams-12 per team

U15- 3 teams

U17 had 12 girls so they shut it down.

Rick has fall ball equipment bags put together.

AGM-  date set is September 19th 2022.  19:00

Travis will add the date to the website to add the AGM date and time.

We need to amend bylaws language to reflect changes in the executive payouts.

Other bylaw amendments that need to be reworded/added.

-You must be on board for one term before being voted into Coordinator, Jr coordinator.

 -Must be at 50% of the meetings through out the year to get paid out for being an executive member.

Cam has expressed interest into being Jr Coordinator.

Carrie has also expressed interest in taking Jr coordinator as well.

Secret voting at AGM

Steve will reread the bylaws to ensure voting is done correctly.

Secretary will be up for election. Jennifer is in the role and will be stepping down.

Treasurer is up for election – Jeff is in this role and will be stepping down.  (Jodi has been shadowing this position for the 2022 season)

Communications – Carrie

Facility and tryout coordinator- Michael

Equipment- Rick

Website – Travis

Bingo - Lorna

Timbits – Deanna

Timbit equipment – Ryan K

Member at large – Brad

Member at large – Cam

Member at large jodi

Katherine D has stepped down from her Timbit Coordinator role – We have accepted her resignation.

Motion – Cam step into Katherine’s Timbit coordinator role.  Michael, 2nd Travis.

All in favour. Passed.

Jeff Bergan is stepping down from the treasurer position.

Motion – Jodi take on treasure role. Ryan K, Brad 2nd

All in favour. Passed.

Forms to be added on registration. Coaches pledge, players pledge, Parents pledge, medical sheet.

Executive reimbursement

Executive reimbursement amount – Bylaws read as – One Jr league registration fee as an honorarium.

Do we pay only registration, or registration plus deposits.

Motion- Ryan C we include deposits in our refund. Ryan K 2nd.

Honorarium to our current executive members for the 2022 season to be paid out one junior registration fee of $420.   


Coaches survey will be done. To be sent out asap.

Agm is set.

SMSL bought insurance in case any member is sued. We should look into this as a board. – Tabled till next meeting.

Carrie is looking into talk to a design guy to redo our logo.

Motion to Adjourn - Travis, 2nd Ryan K