Saskatoon Lasers Softball
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Agm 2021

Jeff, Jennifer, Travis, Deanna, Steve, Ryan C, Ryan K, Michael, Colin, Rick,

Call to order – 7:04

Motion to aAdopt last months minutes – Michael, 2nd Ryan C

All in favor.

Thanks everyone for coming opening comments.

Vanessa president for smsl is here to update us on somethings city wide related to softball.

Introduction of board to public in attendance

Commissioner’s report read out – Written by our commissioner Steve Procopchuk given to smsl.

(Gives everyone an idea what’s going on in the zone).

Old business

Finances – Financial report given out by Jeff to all in attendance

We’re in good shape. Bingo stuff wasn’t normal this year due to covid. We did raise 32,000 in revenue. We have about 23k to spend by end of next season.  Fiscal year end August 31st each each.

Profit/loss report – Bingo revenue compare year over year.

Bingo fund – spent 5500$ on shale, 8000 k Equipment, 2500 uniforms, 2500 zone clothing, 1k office costs, 1200 training for coaches, player training (222’s practice), 6600$ tryouts

29,000 total expenses

Revenue report general fund

-Season fees are double over last year due to covid. Girls dropping out, not Timbits in 2020.

-SLGA grant is up a little over last year (25% of bingo revenue)

(How bingos worked during covid was explained)

Expenses taken from the general fund– diamond fee’s, Bank and credit card fee’s 1800, Grants gift rewards 3300$, 500 to Rosenfelt go fund me, 600$ for workers required at provincials, Training – 5800 clinic cost 3800 revenue from clinics, Facility damage one time fee

General fund profit 5k

25000 general beginning of year, 30,000 end of year

23000 bingo beginning of year, 23,000 end of year

Accrued receivables 19000 bingo revue was paid at end of September, as well as SLGA grant yet to be paid. (oct 19 2021)

(Investment in City center bingo – Amount we would be paid if we withdrew bingo membership fee).

Motion to adopt financials – Jeff, 2nd Ryan K

All in favour


Commissioner – Steve will ask his name to stand. Jeff nominated 2nd Ryan.

Treasurer – Jeff will ask for his name to stand.  Ryan C will nominate Jeff, Travis 2nd.

Equipment diamond maintenance – Rick will ask for his name to stand. Jeff nominated, Colin 2nd.

Bingo coordinator – Lorna has asked for her name to stand. Jeff nominated Lorna, 2nd Ryan C.

Timbits coordinator (2 positions) Deanna and Catherine will ask for their names to stand – Ryan K nominated both positions, Jeff 2nd.

Facilities, evaluations training – Currently empty and being taken care of by Steve. Ryan K nominate Michael Becker, 2nd Ryan C.

Communications coordinator – Currently empty and being taken care of Jenn. Jenn nominate Carrie Baptist 2nd Travis.

Members at large – Dwayne and Colin are both stepping down. 2 year year positions open, two 1 year positions open.

2 year term (Email received) Cam Krawkowka would like to run for a member at large (10 votes)

Deanna nominate, 2nd Ryan C

2 year - Brad Liebel would like to run as a member at large nominated by Travis 2nd Rick. (10 votes)

1 year term - Jody P would like to run as a member at large nominated Ryan C, 2nd Colin (12 votes)

1 year term - Kyle Rivet would like to run as a member at large.  Ryan nominate, 2nd Rick (8 votes)

Emails received Kirk Sibald would like to join as a member at large – (4 votes.  In final election, position was won by another elected with more votes)  Steve will let him know how the voting has gone.

Vanessa from SMSL has come to speak about changes coming to the zone. The city is being rezoned. Next meeting on Oct 27th. Rezoing will come in spring 2022. It will not affect our zone. SMSL is planning on having a town hall meeting on the proposed changes. We have a lot of growth and need to reflect these changes. U17 will be grandfathered (2005, 2006) If the work is not done, they won’t push it through unless they are ready,  but plans to be in place for 2022 season.

Out of town girls will be brought to SMSL to be decided on going forward to correct errors from previous years.

Softball sask is looking at not allowing out of town players at all. Saskatoon and Regina would be closed centers. Softball Sask is having an AGM zoom call this weekend. (Oct 23) These matters will be talked about.


Bylaws – Posted on the website, exec has gone through them line by line at a previous meeting.

Motions to adopt new bylaws as written – Jeff, Ryan C 2nd


Motion to Adjourn Jeff, Colin 2nd