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U9 Rules for 2023 SMSL League

  • 40 minutes of skill development prior to start of your games.  Start time is 6:00 pm sharp. Game starts after 40 minutes of skill development and ends at 7:30pm sharp.
  • Sessions MUST include warm up games and skill development.  Follow the NEW Softball Mobile APP for skill development and practice plans. Download Athlete Era Softball Mobile APP! In this link you will find video’s on how to join a team for coaches, join a team for parents, finding drill, skills & plans, practice plans, etc.
  • All players need batting helmets with cages.  All players need fielder’s mask.  If player doesn’t have fielders mask have them wear batting helmet with cage. NO player allowed to play defensive without having fielders mask or batting helmet on.  This is for safety reasons.


  • Bases 45 feet, Pitching 30 feet.  Home team puts out bases and pitching rubber.
  • Do not keep score.  Scores and standings will not be kept.
  • There will be a Home Run Line marked by cones placed 25 feet behind 1st and 3rd base and 35 feet behind 2nd base.  If the ball crosses the Home Run Line in the air, it is considered a home run.  If the ball rolls over the Home Run Line on the ground, it is a ground-rule double, and the batter gets to advance to 2nd base.
  • We will be using 11” Rawlings Reduced Injury Factor Ball R1ORYFLL or 11” NCAA Indoor Training Ball (this will all depend on supply chain) the preferred ball is Rawlings
  • If you have less than 9 players you MUST ask other team for a player to play the outfield closest to that teams dug out. AS that player may need to bat and would then be replaced by another player in the field. 
  • Players can only play the same position in two (2) consecutive innings
  • There will be two (2) offensive conferences per inning and two (2) defensive conferences per inning.  Only use if necessary.


Offensive Rules

  • A maximum of 9 players will bat per inning.  If you have less than 9 players, each player will bat one time per inning.  When last batter steps up to the plate for their at-bat, coaches MUST announce their last batter to the umpire and to the defensive team.  Each half inning is over once the offensive side has battled through their batting order. NOT after 3 outs.  If a player gets out, they go to the bench like they normally would.
  • The last batter must be different each inning.  Remember to shuffle your batting order so that you have a different last batter each inning! For each inning, rotate who is your first batter for each new inning.
  • Players who arrive late will be placed last in the batting order of the inning they arrive
  • There will be NO bunting allowed.
  • Runners may leave the base when the ball has crossed the plate, to advance to 2nd or 3rd base only. To advance home ball MUST be put into play.
  • Runners cannot advance on any overthrow to a base that goes foul or that stays in fair territory.  Runners also cannot advance on a passed ball that goes behind the catcher.
  • Sliding is allowed.
  • Following a fair hit ball to the outfield, runners must STOP running when the ball is returned to the infield
  • You can bring in a courtesy runner for the catcher regardless of the number of outs. Please do this at 2 outs to speed up the game. 


Defensive Rules

  • Since each half of the inning does not end after 3 outs, the defensive side should try and get as many outs as possible! As previously stated, each half of the inning is over once the offensive side has batted through their batting order
  • Their will be NO infield fly rule.
  • There will be a maximum of 9 players on the field of play defensively.
  • No player may sit more than one (1) consecutive inning
  • There will be unlimited defensive substitutions each inning, but not during each inning.  In other words, you can put a new group of fielders in different positions out in the field to start your defensive side of the inning, but you CANNOT change players and positions around during an inning. Unless injury occurs replace that player only in that position.
  • The player who is pitching to the opposing team will pitch until the batter receives 3 balls.  Then, the hitter’s coach will come in to pitch and carry on the count.
  • If the same pitcher hits two (2) batters in an inning, he/she will be removed for the rest of the inning.
  • There will be no intentional walks allowed or unintentional walks. Batters will either hit the ball or strike out. There will be NO walks at all!
  • Batter is out on the third strike, regardless of if the ball is caught or not, the ball remains alive


 If you need any instruction help, please call SMSL office at 306-374-5155 or email

Ask players/parents if they have any medical needs i.e., E pens, diabetic, inhalers etc.

Above all be organized, have your practice plan, equipment ready and have FUN!