Saskatoon Lasers Softball
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                                         U7 Rules for SMSL 2023

  • Sessions start at 6:00pm sharp with 40 minutes of skill development followed by a game. Game starts after 40 minutes of skill development. Session is done by 7:15pm sharp.
  • Sessions MUST include warm up games and skill development.  Follow the NEW Softball Mobile APP for skill development and practice plans.
  • Download Athlete Era Softball APP In this link you will find video’s on how to join a team for coaches, join a team for parents, finding drill, skills & plans, practice plans, etc.
  • Suggest 8 or 10 players per team maximum, 3 to 4 coaches per team to work with players on skill development and during games.
  • Bases at 45 feet and pitching at 30 feet.
  • 11” NCAA Indoor Training Ball to be used
  • Home Run Line – cones are placed 25 feet behind 1st & 3rd base; 35 feet behind 2nd.
  • Unlimited defensive substitutions
  • Two defensive conferences per inning
  • A player can only play the same position in 2 consecutive innings
  • Maximum of 9 players on the field (defensively)
  • When playing with less than 9 players, no automatic outs (if you have less than 8 players you must ask to borrow from your opposing team to make 9)
  • Two offensive conferences per inning  
  • All players require batting helmets with face cage; fielders masks are mandatory at U7.  If player doesn’t have fielders mask, please have them wear batting helmet with cage.  NO players to play defensive without fielder’s mask or batting helmet with cage. This is for safety reasons.
  • Everyone bats each inning.  Only 1 at bat per player.  Last batter is announced to the offensive and the defensive team.
  • To start each inning place last 3 players to bat onto the bases so the batters will have teammates on the bases to hit around.  This also allows 3 players opportunities to work on their baserunning.
  • Each inning, rotate who is the first batter (shuffle batting order) and baserunners
  • Late players are added to the batting order
  • Courtesy runner for the catcher may be used regardless of the number of outs. Please use this rule as it will speed up the game.  If catcher on base with 2 outs, please pull them from game and put last batter onto the base in place of the catcher.
  • Sliding is allowed.
  • When a fairly hit ball, the advancing of runners is considered “over” when the ball is returned to the infield
  • Player pitching to the opposing team until the batter receives 3 balls. The hitter’s coach will now come in to pitch and carry on the count.
  • If the same pitcher hits two (2) batters in an inning he/she will be removed for the rest of the inning
  • Pitcher can pitch only two (2) innings; Catchers can catch only two (2) innings
  • There will be no intentional walks allowed or unintentional walks. Batters will either hit the ball or strike out. There will be NO walks at all!
  • No scores and standings will be kept
  • No player may sit more than one (1) consecutive inning
  • We do not track outs. If a player gets out, they go to the bench like they normally would. # of outs does not advance an inning
  • Runners can steal bases once the ball has crossed the plate.
  • No stealing home allowed
  • Runners do not advance on overthrow  
  • No infield fly rule
  • No bunting


If you need any instruction help, please call SMSL office at 306-374-5155 or email

Ask players/parents if they have any medical needs i.e., E pens, diabetic, inhalers etc.

Above all be organized, have your practice plan, equipment ready and have FUN!