Saskatoon Lasers Softball
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                        U5 Rules for SMSL 2023

  • Sessions start at 6:00pm sharp with 30 minutes of skill development followed by a game. Time limit of the game is 30 minutes. The session is done by 7pm.
  • Suggest 6 – 8 players per team maximum, 3 coaches per team to work with players on skill development and during games
  • Download Athlete Era Softball mobile APP! In this link you will find video’s on how to join a team for coaches, join a team for parents, finding drill, skills & plans, practice plans, etc.
  • Games should be played on grass.
  • Bases at 45 feet home team puts down the bases; no pitching as a tee will be used to hit the ball.
  • 12” Foam ball and bat will be used
  • 21” Home Plate throw down or use 17 and half” plate throw down
  • Put down a throw down home plate and place the batting tee in front of home plate.  All players hit off a batting tee.  Coach gets players to have feet straight pointing to home plate and eyes on ball to hit off tee.
  • No helmets or gloves required.
  • All players bat each inning.  When last player comes to bat let other team know as all baserunners on base will continue to run home. Put 3 players on the bases to start each inning to work on baserunning and get players eyes on the batter
  • Unlimited substitutions: shuffle batting order every inning, so a different player leads off each inning and placing different players as baserunners
  • Coaches are permitted on the field of play to help position the players
  • Coaches for safety reasons please teach hitting with safe distance when children start swinging the bats from each other.  WE do not want any mishaps occurring.

If you need any instruction help, please call SMSL office at 306-374-5155 or email

Ask players/parents if they have any medical needs i.e., E pens, diabetic, inhalers etc.

Above all be organized, have your practice plan, equipment ready and have FUN!